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Mercedes-Benz Engine Repair

If Your Mercedes-Benz Needs It, We Cover It

You’ve heard the expression “from A to Z” used to describe something or someone that covers an entire range of a given need. At CW Performance in Apex, North Carolina, we take care of all your Mercedes-Benz engine prevention, and repair needs no matter the letter they start. That was part of owner Curt Wheeler’s vision when he opened the doors in 2008. The shop foreman Adam and the entire staff continue to provide a one-stop shop for your prized car’s mechanical services.

A–Always Here to Maintain Your Car

Whether you need the standard Mercedes-Benz A and B services or other preventive measures, our team is always here to help you maintain your vehicle. This brand car is known for its longevity and collectability, but you have to do your part to protect your investment. Let us partner with you to keep your automobile running its best for years to come.

B–Breakdowns Prevented (and Corrected When Needed)

When you keep your car well maintained and make minor repairs as the need arises, you can usually prevent a breakdown that leaves you stranded beside the road. However, if you do incur a major problem, you can entrust your prized car to our team for engine repair. We’ve been keeping these European beauties on the road since 2008. You can feel confident in our ability to find and correct issues because not only are our technicians certified, but our owner and foreman are factory-trained masters.

C–Check Engine Light

Regardless of the make automobile you drive, no driver ever wants to see the check engine light come on. If this happens to you, first, don’t panic. You can still operate the car to reach your home, the office, or our shop. Second, schedule an appointment with us. We’ll connect our OBD-II reader to your vehicle’s port. The generated code will direct our technicians toward the general area of the problem, and their experience will allow them to pinpoint the specific issue so they can fix it.

D–Diagnostics and Direct Injection

Our team is indeed prepared to diagnose check not only engine issues but also any problem you report about your car. One such potential issue may be another “D,” direct injection. While there are some advantages of direct injection (which puts fuel directly into the combustion chamber) as opposed to traditional fuel injection (where fuel is injected into the intake manifold and then travels into the cylinder), there have been reports of carbon deposits and camshaft timing overlaps in German models that employ this fuel delivery method.


E stands for enough. We will not list every letter of the alphabet, but we want to ensure that you feel comfortable coming to CW Performance for all Mercedes-Benz engine repairs.

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